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Programmatic Deployment to Elastic Mapreduce with Boto and Bootstrap Action

A while back I wrote about How to combine Elastic Mapreduce/Hadoop with other Amazon Web Services. This posting is a small update to that, showing how to deploy extra packages with Boto for Python. Note that Boto can deploy mappers … Continue reading

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Atbrox Customer Case Study – Scalable Language Processing with Elastic Mapreduce (Hadoop)

We developed a tool for scalable language processing for our customer Lingit using Amazon’s Elastic Mapreduce. More details: http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/atbrox/ Contact us if you need help with Hadoop/Elastic Mapreduce.

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How to use C++ Compiled Python for Amazon’s Elastic Mapreduce (Hadoop)

Sometimes it can be useful to compile Python code for Amazon’s Elastic Mapreduce into C++ and then into a binary. The motivation for that could be to¬†integrate with (existing) C or C++ code, or increase performance for CPU-intensive mapper or … Continue reading

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atbrox ready for business

We are here to help you: Understand if and how the cloud can be cost-efficient in your setting Efficiently analyze large data sets using the cloud Architect, develop and deploy scalable and reliable software for the cloud Adapt and migrate … Continue reading

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