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Continuous Deployment for Python/Tornado with Jenkins, Selenium and PhantomJS

The purpose of Continuous Deployment is to increase Quality and Efficiency, see e.g. The Software Revolution behind Linkedin’t Gushing Profits or read on This posting presents an overview of Atbrox’ ongoing work on Automated Continuous Deployment. We develop in several … Continue reading

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Programmatic Deployment to Elastic Mapreduce with Boto and Bootstrap Action

A while back I wrote about How to combine Elastic Mapreduce/Hadoop with other Amazon Web Services. This posting is a small update to that, showing how to deploy extra packages with Boto for Python. Note that Boto can deploy mappers … Continue reading

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atbrox ready for business

We are here to help you: Understand if and how the cloud can be cost-efficient in your setting Efficiently analyze large data sets using the cloud Architect, develop and deploy scalable and reliable software for the cloud Adapt and migrate … Continue reading

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