What can Atbrox help you with?

  1. Search Technology
      We can help you design, develop and maintain a fast and well-ranked search system.
  2. Cloud Computing
      We can help you design, develop and maintain a scalable and reliable cloud computing architecture, e.g. using Amazon Web Services.
  3. Data analysis and Data Mining
      We can help you analyze or mine large amounts of data, e.g. using Hadoop and Mapreduce

Quotes from a sample of customers


Lingit knew that in order to build a statistically accurate language model, there was one fundamental rule: the more data you have, the better. To build this tool, Lingit turned to Atbrox, a Norwegian-based company focusing on data mining/data analysis and cloud-based solutions.


Verdande Technologies
“Verdande Technology’s DrillEdge product is designed to use sensor data from real-time oil well drilling operation to recognize symptoms before they develop into serious issues, and automatically search in an experience database for relevant resources. This product is sold as a software service, hosted in the Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform.

Our customers in the oil and gas industry are serious about protecting their data from unauthorized access, and when using relatively new technologies such as the Amazon EC2 platform it is necessary to review and explain security practices.
In order to do so, we hired Atbrox to write a security whitepaper focusing on our deployment on the Amazon EC2 platform. As part of this process, Atbrox interviewed Verdande Technology personnel and reviewed our internal security processes as well as documenting the relevant security procedures at Amazon. During this process, we found Atbrox professional and competent both in their knowledge of the Amazon platform and the wider security issues, and would not hesitate to recommend their services”

source: dr. Frode Sørmo – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Verdande Technology

See this article about how we adapted a machine learning to Hadoop.

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