1. Atbrox?

  • Motto: Accelerating Innovation with Code
  • Atbrox is a company that helps companies solve problems using open source and our own technologies and methods from search, big data (e.g. hadoop) and cloud computing (e.g. AWS)

2. Sample Customers

Sintef Statoil
Telenor Teknisk Ukeblad Verdande Technologies Vivit

Check out our customers page

3. Cloud Computing Research

We’re participating in the Envisage research project on Cloud Computing financed through the EU 7th Framework program. The project period is: Q4 2013 to Q4 2016.

4. Internet of Things Research

We just got approval for a project within Internet of Things financed through EU Horizon 2020 Framework program. The project period is: Q1 2015 to Q1 2018.

5. Who writes about Atbrox?

Check out our press page

6. Startup Portfolio
Atbrox sometimes invests – with “sweat equity” or small amounts – in tech startups, we are currently a shareholder in several exciting Scandinavian and US software startups/services that work in the areas of Deep Learning (AI), Education, Healthcare, Mobile/Wearables and Search.



7. CEO

Thomas Brox Røst; MSc CS; Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Cloud Computing.
View Thomas Brox Røst's profile on LinkedInthomas@atbrox.com

8. Facts about Atbrox

  • Atbrox was started in September 2009.
  • Deloitte is the financial auditor of Atbrox

9. Selected Articles written by Atbrox

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