Workshop: Searching for fun

If you are interested in search I recommend you to consider submitting a paper to or attending the Searching 4 fun workshop* (I just joined as a program committee member) which is going to be held in Barcelona in April 2012.

Call for Papers
The topics of the workshop will be evaluation focused and include but are not be limited to:

  • Understanding information needs and search behaviour in casual-leisure situations.
  • How existing systems are used in casual-leisure searching scenarios.
  • Systems / Interfaces / Algorithmic approaches to supporting Search in Casual-leisure situations.
  • Use of Recommender Systems for Entertaining Content (books, movies, videos, music, websites).
  • Modelling of users interests and generation of accurate and appropriate user profiles.
  • Interfaces for exploratory search for casual-leisure situations.
  • Evaluation (methods, metrics) of Casual-leisure searching situations.

We are seeking short 2-4 page position papers in this area, or short papers reporting early or formative results in the area of searching for fun.

Reviewing and Publishing

Papers will be reviewed by an international program committee, and we intend to publish the accepted papers using the CEUR Workshop Proceedings service.


Participants should submit anonymised 2-4 page ACM format PDFs to the easychair page. More details are in our submissions page.


Program Committee

We’ll be using the #search4fun hashtag where possible
(ECIR Conference Twitter account is @ecir2012)

Link to web pages for the workshop:

(* at the 34th European Conference on Information Retrieval – ECIR 2012)

Best regards,
Amund Tveit

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