Mapreduce & Hadoop Algorithms in Academic Papers (5th update – Nov 2011)

The prior update of this posting was in May, and a lot has happened related to Mapreduce and Hadoop since then, e.g.
1) big software companies have started offering hadoop-based software (Microsoft and Oracle), 2) Hadoop-startups have raised record amounts, and 3) nosql-landscape becoming increasingly datawarehouse’ish and sql’ish with the focus on high-level data processing platforms and query languages.

Personally I have rediscovered Hadoop Pig and combine it with UDFs and streaming as my primary way to implement mapreduce algorithms here in Atbrox.

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Amund Tveit (

Changes from the prior postings is that this posting only includes _new_ papers (2011):

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Mining

Bioinformatics/Medical Informatics

Image and Video Processing

Statistics and Numerical Mathematics

Search and Information Retrieval

Sets & Graphs


Social Networks

Spatial Data Processing

Text Processing

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