Atbrox has become a partner in a Research Project on Cloud Computing

Atbrox is one of 8 European partners in a research project on cloud computing. This is a great opportunity for us to learn how and help out in making cloud computing more efficient.

Underneath is a translation of the leading partner’s – Department of Computer Science (IFI), The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo – description of the project:

The planet’s data storage and processing is about to move up in the clouds. Sharing and rental of computing resources across geographic boundaries creates new opportunities, especially for companies who can now access the computing power they couldn’t previously afford.

Professor Einar Broch Johnsen at IFI has received financial support from the European Commission to conduct a research project to make the transition to the cloud more attractive, especially for industry. The main advantage of cloud-driven computing is to use and pay for what you need. But how a business can predict and estimate the resources used in the design phase of a project is not nearly well enough developed, which can easily lead to bad miscalculations. This will ENVISAGE try to change. ENVISAGE project has eight partners in five countries and has as main objective to facilitate the development of virtualized services. By building parts of the legal basis of the service agreement between the customer and the provider into the system, the customer / business easier to fine-tune their consumption and thereby, i.e. save time and money. Potential users for ENVISAGEs technology are companies that develop software. The technology will giving them the opportunity to improve utilization of cloud resources. The benefits of this are obvious, and being at the forefront of this development project hopes to help businesses can improve profitability significantly. ENVISAGE will run until autumn 2016 and is funded through the EU 7th Framework.

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