atbr now has Apache Thrift support


atbr (large-scale and low-latency in-memory key-value pair store) now supports Apache Thrift for easier integration with other Hadoop services.

Thrift Example

Checkout and install atbr

$ git clone
$ cd atbr
$ sudo ./

Prerequisite Install/compile Apache Thrift –

Compile a atbr thrift server and connect using python client

$ cd atbrthrift
$ make
$ ./atbr_thrift_server # c++ server
$ python 

Python thrift api example

from atbr_thrift_client import connect_to_atbr_thrift_service
service = connect_to_atbr_thrift_service("localhost", "9090")
value = service.get("key1")

Stay tuned for other updates on atbr.

Rough roadmap

  • Increased concurrency and threadsafety support
  • Increased reliability in sharded deployments (with Apache Zookeeper)
  • Simplified and automated sharded deployment on AWS and clusters
  • Benchmarks
  • Comparison with other storage alternative (e.g. HBase, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB and Cassandra)
  • End-to-end examples (from hadoop/mapreduce jobs to serving)
  • (in-memory) map(reduce) support with Lua or C++
  • Avro support
  • large-scale graph processing example (ref: NetworkX)
  • Case studies
  • Add support for Judy Datastructure
  • Thrift-support (done)
  • Sharded websocket support (done) [blog post]
  • Memory-efficient key-value store (done) [blog post]


Best regards,

Amund Tveit (@atveit)

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