Mapreduce & Hadoop Algorithms in Academic Papers (updated)

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Atbrox is startup company providing technology and services for Search and Mapreduce/Hadoop. Our background is from from Google, IBM and Research.

This posting is an update to the similar posting from October 2009, roughly doubling the numbers of papers from the previous posting, the new ones are marked with *

Learn from academic literature about how the mapreduce parallel model and hadoop implementation is used to solve algorithmic problems.

Which areas do the papers cover?

Who wrote the above papers? (section added 20100307)
Companies: China Mobile, eBay, Google, Hewlett Packard and Intel, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Yandex.
Government Institutions and Universities: US National Security Agency (NSA)
, Carnegie Mellon University, TU Dresden, University of Pennsylvania, University of Central Florida, National University of Ireland, University of Missouri, University of Arizona, University of Glasgow, Berkeley University and National Tsing Hua University, University of California, Poznan University, Florida International University, Zhejiang University, Texas A&M University, University of California at Irvine, University of Illinois, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, Engenharia University, State University of New York, Palacky University, University of Texas at Dallas

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