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Unstructured Search for Amazon’s SimpleDB

SimpleDB is a service primarily for storing and querying structured data (can e.g. be used for  a product catalog with descriptive features per products, or an academic event service with extracted features such as event dates, locations, organizers and topics). … Continue reading

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How to use C++ Compiled Python for Amazon’s Elastic Mapreduce (Hadoop)

Sometimes it can be useful to compile Python code for Amazon’s Elastic Mapreduce into C++ and then into a binary. The motivation for that could be to integrate with (existing) C or C++ code, or increase performance for CPU-intensive mapper or … Continue reading

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How to get pip/virtualenv/Fabric working on Cygwin

If you are new to virtualenv, Fabric or pip is, Alex Clemesha’s excellent “Tools of the Modern Python Hacker” is a must-read. In short: virtualenv lets you switch seamlessly between isolated Python environments, Fabric automates remote deployment, while pip takes … Continue reading

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