Mapreduce & Hadoop Algorithms in Academic Papers (3rd update)

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This posting is the May 2010 update to the similar posting from February 2010, with 30 new papers compared to the prior posting, new ones are marked with *.

Learn from academic literature about how the mapreduce parallel model and hadoop implementation is used to solve algorithmic problems.

Which areas do the papers cover?

Who wrote the above papers?
Companies: China Mobile, eBay, Google, Hewlett Packard and Intel, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Yandex.
Government Institutions and Universities: US National Security Agency (NSA)
, Carnegie Mellon University, TU Dresden, University of Pennsylvania, University of Central Florida, National University of Ireland, University of Missouri, University of Arizona, University of Glasgow, Berkeley University and National Tsing Hua University, University of California, Poznan University, Florida International University, Zhejiang University, Texas A&M University, University of California at Irvine, University of Illinois, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, Engenharia University, State University of New York, Palacky University, University of Texas at Dallas

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22 Responses to Mapreduce & Hadoop Algorithms in Academic Papers (3rd update)

  1. Neil Conway says:

    You might consider adding: “Zhao et al. Botgraph: Large scale spamming botnet detection.” from NSDI’09. They describe an approach to using Dryad/MapReduce for detecting spamming botnets at webmail providers like Hotmail.

  2. helwr says:

    MPI-MapReduce (released Mar 2010)

  3. Alex says:

    great job!
    I’ve compiled this Mapreduce bibliography which you may find useful:

  4. Matteo says:

    A Model of Computation for MapReduce (SODA 2010):

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  7. Mark Kerzner says:

    Hi, very useful, thank you. This one is a link, not a download

    Large-Scale Behavioral Targeting (2009)

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  12. Nona Mills says:

    […] I would like to do is to start from scientific articles published in conferences/journal (here is a good bibliography) and describe the techniques they used to design (and when possible, analyze) algorithms on MR/H. […]

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  15. Hey Amund,

    I’ve started collecting the subset of these papers which are about applications of MapReduce over on Mendeley in a public group: Feel free to join and add papers!


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  17. mapreduce says:

    I’ve found another one from the MapReduce-MPI site.

    Parallelizing BLAST and SOM algorithms with MapReduce-MPI library, S.-J. Sul and A. Tovchigrechko, IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing HICOMB Symposium, (2011).

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